The great switchover

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Workbox system

I’m a skeptical person. I never know what is going to work and whats not going to work. With my kids.. You really never know. It looks like a lot of work for me to do. And since we have limited storage space..well I have no idea where I would even put this! The concept seems simple. 12 boxes for each child. numbered. And as they go through the boxes and see them empty they know how much more for the day they have to do. And make them work more independently.

You see, I am cheap.. VERY cheap lol. I do not like spending money. Especially when there’s not much to spend. So I don’t want to buy a book I can’t afford, or spend money on all these plastic organizers. Not when you still have to buy your curriculum and supplies for schoolwork. So I looked around and read a ton of blogs on the subject. And you know what, it seems to be something that could really work. I would list every blog, but I swear there was about 20 and all you have to do is hit the search and type workbox! and there will be a massive amount. I loved seeing how each person actually adapted it to fit their space and life.  So I thought, well if they can adapt it, well so can I! And so to the drawing board I go to see what I can MAKE. Instead of buy 🙂 Let me know your thoughts on the system if you are using it.

Schools almost over

Well its almost time. Homeschooling will soon begin. We will take the summer to unwind, and hopefully get a grip on a lot of the attitude that seems to happen as soon as public school would start. I have been researching a ton of different ideas. And trying to find a way to make it easier for all of us. Need to figure out how to do work with both kids. Trying NOT to stress out and overthink it. Which is probably what I will do.. OVERTHINK IT! Not much longer and I hope that we will get all this stuff under control. I am ready for the attitude to stop. The backtalking. The nonsense. And hope that one day I will see my kids get along more than they fight. (Is this way to much to hope for)

My friends..

I have friends in many places. I have my real life friends, that I see in person, I have online friends that without..I probably would have sunk a long time ago. It’s so nice to know that I have them. I met alot with FLYLADY and blog talk radio. Now I am not linking BTR on purpose. In the past week..I have watched 3 of my friends fall. Due to childish drama. I don’t know what would cause grown people who don’t even reside in the same town as them, to seriously be so ridiculas in what they did. I have been to a ton of shows. Greenlight, Radio 69, Wordplay, NRTP, Scrapplesandwich, Dr Clyde Brooks. And MANY more. And I truely miss seeing most of them. They were banned. DUE to childish online behavior. That cost 3 wonderful people their jobs. BTR was wrong. BTR should have talked to the ones they fired. That is one thing I am so sick of in the workplace. You fire with no explaination. Just because you suspect. Just because you went on a few peoples words and looked at a chat. Well guess what. LOOK at everyone. Your producers work their butts off. Most the time screening calls. I watched them be so busy they barely had time to say something. People I talk to not just there but outside of there. People who took time at Christmas to make sure my kids had something when we could not give them anything. People who when I lost my job, held me up through chatting with me and texting and skype calls. I want BTR to know that I find what they did wrong. I have been in a lot of those chats. And Every freakin person in there was participating. I used to think BTR would be a fun job. Until I saw how little time they had to eat, sleep or even talk. And the fact you will take a complaint from people who are so bitter and miserable in their own lives they want to watch others fall. And put 3 people out of a job in a economy like we have now. I have tried to keep my blog pretty civil. But Im pissed. These people loved their jobs. LOVED what they did. And I hope what goes around comes around to those responisble.
Parden the spelling today. Irritation causes some major finger issues haha


Laundry day around here. One of those days I do think these kids decided that everything they own is dirty.. I never do this much laundry lol. And yet today 5 loads! And just as 1 load was dry on the line, I hung out the second load, I walk in to a weather update on TV, rain hitting in 20 minutes(keep in mind it was sunny out there haha) So I had to go take it all off the line again and used the dryer. Which we don’t use unless its raining or cold.
Tuesday is normally kitchen day but tomorrow I get to go on a zoo trip with my Bear. Its a field trip. his first, and last, with public school. Hopefully in this next year we find a good homeschool group around here to go on trips with. We will begin that hunt in about a month. But anyways, tomorrow we are going to the zoo. Hopefully I will get some pictures taken while we are there. Kitchen will just have to wait lol.

Are you ready for a tornado??

Well here in the lovely state of Oklahoma you should be! May 3,1999 made a lot of people think. What they thought would never happen, well it happened. Today as we watch the weather, we see the same kind of set ups.
We have been asked many times, what we take with us. And the answer is simple. Ourselves and our pets if we can catch them. No precious prized possessions?? nope. Because nothing is more prized than us being alive. Since tornadoes are different than hurricanes and stuff you normally have days to fill up your cars with things that you see as prized. I see water that will get brought to the cellar if we have time. Maybe a coloring books for the kids in case we are stuck for a little while. Yes we even have a weather radio thats down there. But when we run, we make sure we have shoes n our feet and a decent set of clothes on our backs(you may be wearing them for awhile lol) In our case I look around and I see STUFF. Replaceable stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, I would HATE to lose my pictures. That would be hard to lose the pictures of my kids growing up. But in the event we run to the cellar, I can not grab a truck full of pictures, so I hope that maybe that will be something still sitting there when we come out. But the rest of its all just basic belongings. I have been decluttering for 6 years, and during that 6 years I realized, this is just things. My kids and hubby are first and foremost, we put our handicap dog in a cage and try to get her down there. And our 14 year old feral cat, if we can catch her. (yes leave the dog in the cage while down there LOL)
I want you all to take a good look around. What would you take? I wont chastise you for the I GOTTA HAVE THIS things. Believe me I understand. Even when I look around I would be sad to lose my stuff(I HATE replacing things…Ok I hate to shop.. FOR ANYTHING!) Im always curious about what and why things would be taken. 🙂


I know I know, I was supposed to blog about this days ago, but when life goes crazy, you tend to go with it. The Bear was put on a new med a couple weeks ago. We fought it with the KNOWING it would turn all our lives upside down. As most know, the bear has asthma, and his lungs like to act up a lot. Pneumonia, bronchitis..Yup he will get it. He used to take(and now is again) Singular. Works decently. Not saying its the perfect med or nothin but it works ok. Well, the lovely insurance company decided to play doctors(you know since they obviously know it all!) And put him on Claritan, and Veramist.  Well, with the knowing that claritan would make him one evil little boy we argued..But the doc…Had no choice. And so we are like. Ya know, lets give it to him, and get the proof.. UGGGG WHY???? over a week of pure meanness, then another week of withdrawls(would not think withdrawls would come off of it after not being on long, And the veramist just made it worse. So off that too. Over 2 weeks this kid spent miserable. He was so confused. He felt awful, he was soo grumpy. He felt grumpy and said he did not know why. Stayed in trouble everyday at school. The teacher knew why he was being this way, but she had no choice but to not allow him to get away with it.

On top of all this, I have been helping my sister in law get her house out of CHAOS. And then a great friend was moving, so we helped her. Tonight we helped her with her yard. Its been a very very busy couple months. I hope some of it settles soon! haha.