Boy yesterday was eventful. After spending all day running around and doctor appointments galore. We finally have dates. Mr B, he will go Feb 20 to have the hernia dealt with. So only a little while longer. Hubby goes Friday to have that shoulder fixed. So he should be well enough to help me with Mr B. Then we got to add a sickness on top of that. (hmm can we say, when it rains it pours) Took the bear to the doc because his lungs have sounded awful. Very bad cough and fever all weekend. Well he ended up with pneumonia. They have him on a inhaler. Discussing the fact the asthma they did not want to diagnose him with. Well it looks as if they are going to. His lungs just have taken such a beating. Plus poor kid has ear infections. So he spent last night screaming bloody murder because his ears hurt so bad.

We are looking forward to the month of March. It will all be over. We hope….

Needless to say, I don’t feel overwhelmed like I thought I would. Seems like now that we know when, I feel better.  Will keep this updated the best I can. i know here in a couple days I will be busy helping hubby get well. 😀


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