Homemade Laundry Soap

Ya know its really simple. Im gonna make the powdered kind. And hope it does not leave stuff all over my clothes. Trying to find a way to ease The bears sensitive skin. We hope doing this helps. We changed his soap. And yet he wakes up with a massive rash anyway. Our laundry soap has not changed. So we dunno what it is. Thinkin I need to just have him tested for allergies and get it over with. Maybe its a food. Maybe its the soap.. We don’t know.

On another note, I am babysitting this week. Its been a long time since I had babies in the house(well oknot THAT long) But long enough I dont OWN anything for a baby or toddler lol.Guess I need to get ready for stuff like this. They will probably be here all summer. And if I get used to having more in the house. Maybe I just might go to doing this full time. We will see. Going back to homeschooling, And I need to be able to focus on the boys and their learning. So its still all up in the air. Ok off I go. So much more ckeaning to do tongiht!


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