Garage sale….

Love em or leave em. This weekend we are having a garage sale..Ya know Im not a big fan of these things. But to make a buck, sit at home, and only go out if someone pulls up, I guess even though your stuck here, Your still being kinda lazy. And you don’t WORK the whole time…. Just dreading getting up early and setting it up(thanks to the lovely RAIN) I think this weekend I am going to have Mr B, do the money part(lets HOPE people will be honest with him if he messes up. Hes pretty good with it, so I don’t think he will make to many mistakes. Plus may have to let them run out to the ice cream man if he drives by.
I will have to post tomorrow about our awful 2 weeks of medicine issues. One day I would Love it if Insurance companies would quit thinking they are doctors.


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