I know I know, I was supposed to blog about this days ago, but when life goes crazy, you tend to go with it. The Bear was put on a new med a couple weeks ago. We fought it with the KNOWING it would turn all our lives upside down. As most know, the bear has asthma, and his lungs like to act up a lot. Pneumonia, bronchitis..Yup he will get it. He used to take(and now is again) Singular. Works decently. Not saying its the perfect med or nothin but it works ok. Well, the lovely insurance company decided to play doctors(you know since they obviously know it all!) And put him on Claritan, and Veramist.  Well, with the knowing that claritan would make him one evil little boy we argued..But the doc…Had no choice. And so we are like. Ya know, lets give it to him, and get the proof.. UGGGG WHY???? over a week of pure meanness, then another week of withdrawls(would not think withdrawls would come off of it after not being on long, And the veramist just made it worse. So off that too. Over 2 weeks this kid spent miserable. He was so confused. He felt awful, he was soo grumpy. He felt grumpy and said he did not know why. Stayed in trouble everyday at school. The teacher knew why he was being this way, but she had no choice but to not allow him to get away with it.

On top of all this, I have been helping my sister in law get her house out of CHAOS. And then a great friend was moving, so we helped her. Tonight we helped her with her yard. Its been a very very busy couple months. I hope some of it settles soon! haha.


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