Laundry day around here. One of those days I do think these kids decided that everything they own is dirty.. I never do this much laundry lol. And yet today 5 loads! And just as 1 load was dry on the line, I hung out the second load, I walk in to a weather update on TV, rain hitting in 20 minutes(keep in mind it was sunny out there haha) So I had to go take it all off the line again and used the dryer. Which we don’t use unless its raining or cold.
Tuesday is normally kitchen day but tomorrow I get to go on a zoo trip with my Bear. Its a field trip. his first, and last, with public school. Hopefully in this next year we find a good homeschool group around here to go on trips with. We will begin that hunt in about a month. But anyways, tomorrow we are going to the zoo. Hopefully I will get some pictures taken while we are there. Kitchen will just have to wait lol.


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