The great switchover

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Workbox system

I’m a skeptical person. I never know what is going to work and whats not going to work. With my kids.. You really never know. It looks like a lot of work for me to do. And since we have limited storage space..well I have no idea where I would even put this! The concept seems simple. 12 boxes for each child. numbered. And as they go through the boxes and see them empty they know how much more for the day they have to do. And make them work more independently.

You see, I am cheap.. VERY cheap lol. I do not like spending money. Especially when there’s not much to spend. So I don’t want to buy a book I can’t afford, or spend money on all these plastic organizers. Not when you still have to buy your curriculum and supplies for schoolwork. So I looked around and read a ton of blogs on the subject. And you know what, it seems to be something that could really work. I would list every blog, but I swear there was about 20 and all you have to do is hit the search and type workbox! and there will be a massive amount. I loved seeing how each person actually adapted it to fit their space and life.  So I thought, well if they can adapt it, well so can I! And so to the drawing board I go to see what I can MAKE. Instead of buy 🙂 Let me know your thoughts on the system if you are using it.

Schools almost over

Well its almost time. Homeschooling will soon begin. We will take the summer to unwind, and hopefully get a grip on a lot of the attitude that seems to happen as soon as public school would start. I have been researching a ton of different ideas. And trying to find a way to make it easier for all of us. Need to figure out how to do work with both kids. Trying NOT to stress out and overthink it. Which is probably what I will do.. OVERTHINK IT! Not much longer and I hope that we will get all this stuff under control. I am ready for the attitude to stop. The backtalking. The nonsense. And hope that one day I will see my kids get along more than they fight. (Is this way to much to hope for)