Garage sale….

Love em or leave em. This weekend we are having a garage sale..Ya know Im not a big fan of these things. But to make a buck, sit at home, and only go out if someone pulls up, I guess even though your stuck here, Your still being kinda lazy. And you don’t WORK the whole time…. Just dreading getting up early and setting it up(thanks to the lovely RAIN) I think this weekend I am going to have Mr B, do the money part(lets HOPE people will be honest with him if he messes up. Hes pretty good with it, so I don’t think he will make to many mistakes. Plus may have to let them run out to the ice cream man if he drives by.
I will have to post tomorrow about our awful 2 weeks of medicine issues. One day I would Love it if Insurance companies would quit thinking they are doctors.



Ok those who know me well, know I have smoked for as long as I can remember. Well I quit once for 4 months(still dunno why I started back) And with the recent tax to them, well could not afford them before and sure cant now. Now I am not saying I did not NEED to quit. But I do have a tendency to rebel when MADE to do something. And this time I could not rebel. In the end yes it saves my lungs, at the cost of someone else job. The government made me quit. I’m at day 2. I feel like absolute crap. I am miserable I tell ya. The last time I quit I only noticed that I did not cough when I laughed(yes I cough if I laugh to hard) Of course I did not have the massive sickness the last time.I have a headache that I swear someones jabbing me in the head with a ice pic. Its the same kinda headache I DO REMEMBER getting when I quit drinking caffeine after having The Bear, since of course breastfed babies DONT need caffeine LOL. But the dizziness. Ugg the dizziness I could TOTALLY live without. Now Im not hungry. Just eating cuz you think that it will settle the stomach from the nausea that the dizziness has caused. Also I did not sleep at all last night. THats got me so worn out today. Going to down some more coffee. Trying to pin the eyelids open.

Sighs of Relief

I have managed to finish the menu. A month long one. Trying to continue to shop by the month. Except for Milk and stuff like that. But it works out SO much better. No more crazy trips to the store. None of it! LOVE IT!
I need to bless my house tomorrow. House has by far been neglected this week.Been battling myself all week. HOPEFULLY tomorrow I wake up with the energy to MOVE my rump!

Kids medicine has been changed. So we will see how it works. Not to worried about Mr B. But the Bear…That one I worry about. Claritin is NOT his friend. So we get to watch this one play out.. yet again. The gave him another inhaler to have at the school. Just in case. Since the changing of meds they are not sure. Sigh.

The Luba update- Well it is what it is. She finally came out of hiding and is right now just dealing with it all. Sending warm thoughts to a great friend. and a wonderful mother. I know you guys will make it through.


DOnt have all the details yet! As soon as I do I will update ya! THANK GOODNESS she was found unharmed!


My friends daughter is missing. We need all to know who to look for LUBA ANDERSON has been missing since Saturday~!

Here is the inforamtion on Luba and some pictures – Please pass around the information or email me if you would like this in email form. Thanks everyone!

CALL Tooele County Sheriff at (435) 882-5600
If you see her call 911 immediately
Lubov “Luba” Erica Anderson
Missing From: Stansbury Park
Date Missing: March 14 2009
Date of Birth: July 3 1992
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: 140
Build: Medium
Eyes: Green
Hair: Very dark brown(almost black)
Wavy, often pulled back,
Shoulder length
Race: Caucasian
Complexion: Slightly olive/”tan”
Clothing: Faded blue jeans split at
The knees, navy blue
Cotton tank top, bright
Yellow bra straps, bright
Yellow leather handbag.
Distinctive mole on right side of
Last seen at 900 West North Temple in Salt Lake 6:30 am March 16 abandoning “out of
gas” vehicle. Also seen at Taylosville WalMart 6200 S. Redwood on Saturday evening
March 14. Probably still in Salt Lake area.

Homemade Laundry Soap

Ya know its really simple. Im gonna make the powdered kind. And hope it does not leave stuff all over my clothes. Trying to find a way to ease The bears sensitive skin. We hope doing this helps. We changed his soap. And yet he wakes up with a massive rash anyway. Our laundry soap has not changed. So we dunno what it is. Thinkin I need to just have him tested for allergies and get it over with. Maybe its a food. Maybe its the soap.. We don’t know.

On another note, I am babysitting this week. Its been a long time since I had babies in the house(well oknot THAT long) But long enough I dont OWN anything for a baby or toddler lol.Guess I need to get ready for stuff like this. They will probably be here all summer. And if I get used to having more in the house. Maybe I just might go to doing this full time. We will see. Going back to homeschooling, And I need to be able to focus on the boys and their learning. So its still all up in the air. Ok off I go. So much more ckeaning to do tongiht!

Flylady Fun on Saturday!

Dear Friends,

The Event we did in Moore, Oklahoma was so special. It was my first time to share the stage with my mentor Pam Young. We had a great time. If you were not able to join us you can still hear it on my BlogTalkRadio show. We played it this morning. I have also uploaded pictures to my Facebook Page.



Funny Video (That’s Michele laughing)